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Let us Help You Navigate the Necessary Annoyances of Everyday Living

Do you dread calling in to a company when you need help because you know you’re going to land in a call centre que and possibly not get through?  Do you find that often you desperately need to talk to your mobile phone provider with say a payment issue and after waiting for 28 minutes you are cut off having to start over again?  Are you someone who is hearing impaired who cannot decipher what the person on the other end of the line is saying?  Do you find that after waiting an inordinate amount of time pressing this button and that, waiting in que, being misdirected to the wrong departments – only to find the right department but English is not the first language of the over-sea customer service agent on the other side?

We all endure this today.  It is a necessary evil.  We all have stories.  BUT we also have no choice but to endure this to get to what we need or want.  

You might be calling because the wrong $$$ amount came out of your bank account for a service or worse, money came out of your bank account for a service you do not use!  You may need IT support, you’re inquiring about a product online that has little description, you want to start or stop a subscription or membership, make a dentist appointment.  There is a myriad of reasons.  In addition, the quality of service is typically not as solid as it would be in a company setting. Security is another disadvantage when workers in call centers have access to personal information. 

A few examples of places we call in our everyday lives:
  • Subscriptions (magazines, services, products both online and off)

  • Memberships (beginning or ending both online and off)

  • Cell phone

  • Home phone

  • Cable 

  • Internet 

  • Taxes

  • Banking

  • Utilities

  • Streaming services such as Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime . . .

  • Travel Reservations

  • Personal appointments

  • Service appointments

Let OrganizeU Now take these arduous tasks off your hands and free up time for you to do what you love.  Not only are we happy to navigate these barriers on your behalf (so you may keep your sanity) we know a lot of tricks to get where you need to go. 

                                                                    Let’s Get Organized