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Let’s get started !

The thought of decluttering and organizing your whole home might be overwhelming, to the point that it just never gets finished.

We hear:
“Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t know where to begin”
“I’ve been accumulating things for 50 years, how could I possibly get rid of anything?”
“…. but I need everything I own for one thing or another.”

It is critical to start small, methodically and with intent. It is more likely that people will complete the whole process if they break it into multiple, more manageable projects. Jennifer will sit down with you to create a plan that suits your needs and your timeline (if there is a timeline). This could be a set schedule broken down either by room or by even smaller projects within a room. OrganizeU Now focuses on ensuring you do not get overwhelmed.

Some example tasks to take on one at a time could include but are not limited to:

• Go through DVDs and video games
• Organizing the workshop, basement, home office, mud room
• Address the dreaded “junk drawer”
• Attacking and trimming down your closets; linen, clothing, coat
• Tackle your dresser drawers
• Organize kitchen cupboards, pantry items, dish ware and bake ware.

                                                                    Let’s Get Organized