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Our Story

OrganizeU Now is owned & operated By Jennifer Bays.   

Following a lifelong interest and natural flair for order, Jennifer realized that her passion for organizing could be shared, with the ultimate goal of helping “Organizationally Challenged” individuals, households or businesses find ways to reduce stress, improve quality of life, efficiency and productivity.

Jennifer worked in the business sector for over two decades in customer-centric roles in a variety of industries and really understands people at their best and at their worse. 

Empathy, intuition and understanding are key traits one must possess in order to be successful as an organization consultant. A consultant must understand where their client is coming from and where they want to go. No matter the scale of the project, if the client isn’t convinced you “get it” they won’t trust your advice. Only experience will earn that trust.

Having exceptional spatial awareness coupled with a creative eye for what is possible, she is truly a natural. Her process is expedient, efficient and simple.  No challenge is too great for Jennifer or OrganizeU Now!

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Reputable, Proven, Incredibly Talented, Cost-Efficient, Expedient & Fun

Years Of Experience

Over 25 Years of Experience

Jennifer has well rounded experience working with people from all walks and stages of life during some of their most serious and transformative periods.

Organization At It’s Finest

Organizational Strategy, Tools & More

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