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SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE                       

Removing clutter from your home, office, cottage, garage, basement, etc is cathartic and mood lifting.  It will result in more daily efficiency, more time saved to spend doing things you really like and it will give you a clear space, free of distraction.  Having said this, it does not necessarily come easy and is often an enormous challenge. That is where OrganizeU Now comes in.  Let OrganizeU Now help you simplify your life!



Life is hectic. The best of us struggle to remain organized. Children, jobs, personal and familial responsibilities, recreational/competitive activities, volunteering, and everyday responsibilities – not to mention time spent at work – these all require time.  Our goal is to help you spend more time doing what you love most.  We do this by helping you streamline your home, life, work, so things remain simple, efficient and as seamless as possible.

We offer a wide range of organization services in Kingston and the surrounding area.  From reducing clutter in your home, to overhauling your garage, creating an oasis in your office space, we also offer support for full-cycle moving, downsizing projects, or something as seemingly small as a virtual cleanup of your computer’s photo and document files.

OrganizeU Now is owned & operated By Jennifer Bays.  Jennifer finds organizing an incredibly mindful occupation.  She has spent her professional career in service-centric roles and delivers customer-focused, exceptionally high-quality service where no challenge is too great.  She is a professional problem-solver.

36 Years of Experience In Client Service 

Excellent Service, Quality Work!

After much procrastination, we decided it was time to sell our house and move on with our lives. A friend suggested that we contact Jennifer at OrganizeU Now. She met with us to discuss our concerns and needs, offering suggestions, and resources.

Some of the services she offered included sorting; purging; recycling; managing sale items; suggesting Real Estate Agents and Handymen; packing; hiring a Moving Company; managing the move; unpacking and setting up our new home.

We recommend Jennifer and OrganizeU Now to meet all your moving needs with her responsible, friendly, enthusiastic attitude.

– Iva and Cliff Ballantyne


Jen is phenomenal!! We had listed our house for sale and within 30 minutes, our agent had potential buyers asking them for a showing that same day. Jen was at our house when the realtor called and in a nano-second, not only did she stage our entire home within 6 hours, (a huge job-there was a decade of clutter), she also helped pack and sort hundreds of items for donation and sale.

There are no words to describe what a power house she is and she truly knows her stuff. You can see her organizing brain going right to work the minute she walks into your space. I highly recommend Jen for any project that requires organizing/decluttering and downsizing. She’s simply amazing!

– Sarah